Louis de Cordier: Sauna

17 december 2011 § Een reactie plaatsen

Sauna is a fire-module created by Louis De Cordier to awaken the unity of mind & body. The interior of the reinforced concrete bath can accommodate two persons. From ancient times the sauna is a mystic place where gender/sex differences do not exist. It used to be a place where women gave birth, and where the bodies of the dead were washed, because it is a warm, sterile environment and has  water readily available.The module by Louis De Cordier works as a classic smoke sauna.The sculpture has an integrated fireplace to store the heat in its massive continuous wall. The smoke from the fire fills the room as the air warms. Once the temperature reaches the desired level, the fire is put out. The smoke is allowed to clear, and after the entrance is covered with a felt blanket, the bathers enter.The wood smoke aroma still lingering is a part of the cleansing ritual. Basically, the fire-module by Louis De Cordier is concealed to tune into the natural rhythms as in-and-out breathing, the heartbeat and the universal mind.


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