Louis de Cordier: Belly

17 december 2011 § Een reactie plaatsen

Ik ben bezig met bubbles en het terugkeren naar de moederlijke symbiose. Hij maakt een ronde schuilhut met als naam “belly”. Ik zie de link wel.




Belly is an 3,3m high module of EPS (isomo) covered with fiber glass reinforced resin. It ’s a 750 kg lightweight module, designed for extreme environments. To be placed e.g. on the North-Pole, in high mountains or on a tropical island. Inside, it has an open part and a separated room, accessible by a crawl passage. The module gives shelter to one to three persons. The front area, where the walls are also chairs, can be used as a space to cook a meal. It’s also the room where luggage, like backpacks can be stored. In extremely cold circumstances the luggage will be needed to stuff the entrance. The sleeping room separated from the entrance space, has, aside from one light surface, very thick EPS walls, to protect inhabitants from cold and warm temperatures.


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Je leest nu Louis de Cordier: Belly voor Stephanie Jacobs - Illusion..


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