Murder and suicide in Celebration, the perfect town built by Disney

28 november 2011 § Een reactie plaatsen

It is the town that Disney built – and for some 14 years the people of Celebration, Florida, have lived in suitably appropriate tranquillity among its pastel-shaded buildings.

Yet in the past week their idyll has been shattered by two violent deaths: the first a murder, the second a suicide-by-shooting following a prolonged stand-off with armed police.

The picture-postcard town, which is a 10 minute drive away from the 30,000 acre Walt Disney World resort, was developed in the 1990s by executives from the entertainment giant.

They oversaw its planning and architecture, as well as its education and health policies, in an attempt to build a 16-acre utopian community based on “Disney values”.

The seemingly perfect community, particularly popular with Disney employees, or “cast members”, has prompted comparisons to the films The Stepford Wives and The Truman Show – because of zoning codes, most homes look nearly identical, with the same plants in their front gardens, while there are strict guidelines on any distinctive features.

In recent days, however, it has seemed more like the set of an action movie.




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