Hi, I’m Stephanie Jacobs, a student Graphic Design 3th Bachelor, Sint Lucas Antwerp. This is a blog about the workproces of the yearassignment “Error and Illusion”. If you want to see more of my own work, go to http://jacobsstephanie.tumblr.com/




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  • justintofood schreef:

    Hi Stephanie. I really like your work and have a question for you. I want to develop a platform for cooking-admirers and graphic designers. I want to share my passion for cooking, but I am not a cook. Because I am not a cook, I cant invent new recipes. Still I want to share my passion for cooking. So altering and transforming a photo of a selfmade dish can be exciting to erase the boundaries between food and design and highlight the beauty of ingredients. That’s why I want to collaborate with designers and ask them to alter my cooking-photos. The only condition is to process the ingredients list in the image. It will be great if you want to participate and be one of the first designers to start this platform. Your work will always be yours. I will never use your work for other purposes. I wlll also note you in the post with name and website. Please contact me. Kind regards, Justin

  • justintofood schreef:

    Hallo, Bedankt voor het volgen van mijn blog. Ik zal gewoon in het Nederlands tegen je praten. Ik ben nog steeds erg benieuwd of je de uitdaging wilt aangaan. Je kunt mailen naar justinandfood@gmail.com. Ik wacht je antwoord af. Gr, Justin

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